What to write about…

For the past month I’ve been thinking about what to post about.  Periodically during the day I’ll be reminded, man I haven’t posted anything on the blog yet – and neither has anyone else!  I had a small, secret hope that someone else would be the first one to post and kick things off and I could just feed off of them instead of coming up with my topic.  So I finally decided to put that selfish thought aside and just go for it.

As I was thinking about topics to discuss I consistently thought, “well I don’t want people knowing THAT about me (or my marriage).”  But then, once I thought about it, I realized that in some sense that fuels a stereotype against married men.  The stereotype is that women are the ones who are always getting together and gabbing about the different details of their relationship, while the men get together and grunt, watch football and do everything they can to avoid the details of what makes they enjoy about their spouse.  So here I am, slightly hesitant to discuss different aspects of my relationship because it’s not what I am accustomed to and I’m not used to sharing those details about my life.  I’m not saying that Caitlin, my spouse, is out discussing our personal life, but my point is that I am still trying to figure out how to share my personal life.  As much as I think that stereotype is a bunch of crap and then men should talk about their love life with other men, I find it difficult sometimes to talk about such personal things.  And so maybe this blog is where we start to break that stereotype and start to talk about our love life, what makes us tick.  Our decision to commit to marriage is a testament to the fact that we believe in love, so lets start to act that way and discuss why we believe in love, why we made that decision.  And I realize that we will delve into our personal lives on here, but I also trust that our readers, particularly those who know us, are mature enough to read this blog with mature eyes not looking for scandal and some licentious insight into our love lives.

So I challenge everybody to reflect (and share if you wish)… what’s love got to do with it?  Why choose love?  How is love something we experience, and commit to everyday in our marriage?


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