Happy Valentine’s Day

If you were to dine with us in our house you would be served a most generous meal. You would be part of a great conversation on a myriad of subjects. You would enjoy the art of our dining room and its long table where we can sit twenty somewhat comfortably. You would leave our house thoroughly sated in body and soul. At least we hope you would.

What you probably would not notice in our dining room are the places where the seams on the wallpaper do not come cleanly together. Your attention would not likely focus on the chipped baseboard paint or the hole in the upholstery. You would likely report to others of the grand evening in splendid atmosphere at our big yellow house.

But I know differently. I know all the wallpaper seams because I hung that wallpaper and each open seam infuriates me. I know I need to repaint the woodwork and haven’t done so for a very long time. I know the upholstery needs to be replaced every time I sit in one of those imperfect chairs. I know my house.

And I know me. It is hard for me to write about myself or my marriage. I can truly say it has been a wonderful thirty-seven years that I have spent with my wife, Joan. I believe our relationship to be graced, that is to be filled with God’s goodness.

But, I know my faults. I know the imperfections I bring to our relationship. I know where I could do better and haven’t. I know my sins and despite a forgiving God, I take no pride in my many lapses.

You will read of our relationship here from time to time. Joan is amazing. Me . . . not so much. This is not a false humility. This is an understanding of my many imperfections that have made me appreciate a forgiving God as seen through a wonderful woman who keeps reminding me everyday that she loves me. Who despite my flaws continues to keep the Grace flowing. Who seems to look past the gaps and the holes telling everyone that I am wonderful too.

Isn’t love grand?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


About A.J.
An author, retired attorney and former judge now living in State College, Pennsylvania. Married to Joan McGuinness Wagner for more than forty years. Two daughters and five grandchildren.

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