(Taken in entirety from the first post on the blog – 12/29/2010).

Yes I’ve had blogs in the past which were a quick flop – something I would update often and trail off as I became less creative or as life somehow became busier.  This time around I’m hoping to challenge myself and pace myself while also welcoming others to post as contributors.  So really this isn’t my blog, but a blog.

The background… When I was preparing for marriage, it was difficult to find books that discussed what I really wanted to prepare myself for – to be a good husband.  Sure there are a ton of books out there on marriage, keeping things alive, etc.  But I couldn’t find a book that talked about what it meant to be a husband and how marriage is really a commitment of love and equality not a commitment of domination (or submission depending which spouse you are).  So when I got married I thought it could be interesting to talk about my journey of marriage and how I struggle and triumph in being a loving husband.

The contributors… I quickly realized that I wanted things to be a bit more well-rounded than my novice experience of marriage and so I have asked some people whose marriages I admire to be contributors to this blog so that I am not only posting about my very new experience.

What to expect… In seeking out different contributors I have also tried to make an effort to have this blog be more than just spiritual but all-encompassing of marriage, so posts may not always be specifically about marriage as a Christian sacrament but also about the political, economic, anthropological, etc. sides of marriage.  Each contributor is welcome to post as much or as little information about their experience as they wish, so don’t always expect some nitty-gritty stories.  Our purpose here though is to share our experiences and to create some discussion around what marriage is and how in most aspects it calls us to put our masculinity aside, to break down a lot of stereotypes, and be a loving husband who treats his wife as an equal.  I realize that discussion may not always take place on this blog (although I hope people post comments often) but even if you mention a topic we talk about to one of your buddies, or at the dinner table then we making some sort of impact.  At this point we do not have a schedule for how often a blog post will come through, but hopefully we will find some sort of rhythm and we also realize that our posts will be available to more than just married men, anyone is welcome to read and post comments.  Our posts could include things such as book reviews, pleas for advice, stories of our experiences, philosophies of marriage, and much more… (I’m leaving the creativity up to all of us).

The title… Why “Finding Your Stride”?  I thought of it today when I was on my way home from purchasing some running shoes.  My wife and I have decided to run a half-marathon in May and so training will begin soon after the first of January.  We have run a few 5K’s together and this will be her third half-marathon (I’ve never run that far in my life).  I often find it challenging to run by myself and prefer to run with someone else because it is easier if I have someone’s breathing and steps to listen to and mimic – that way I pace myself better and find a sustainable stride.  I find that very analogous to marriage – we often have to listen to the other person to see where they are so that we can pace ourselves.  We have to find that stride where we both can work together and thrive.  And, as our bodies age, our running abilities and our stride will change just as in marriage with different events and hurdles.  So then we have to find our stride, sharing our experiences and growing from one another…


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